Rise Bagel Co.

I’ve just discovered the best bagels in Minneapolis. Yes, they’re 100x better than Bruegger’s and Einstein’s.

Me: “Ella, isn’t this the best bagel you’ve every had?”

Ella: “Yes, it’s not chewy or hard to bite into like at Bruegger’s. It’s nice and crisp on the outside but it’s soft on the inside. Ya know?”

My first experience with Rise Bagel Co. was at an event called The Future of Food is Female at the Wedge Table. The event featured a panel of female entrepreneurs who work in the food industry. Two of the panelists were sisters Jen and Kate Lloyd who are the co-owners of Rise Bagel Co.

I hit the gold mine at this event. Not only did I hear the stories from these female entrepreneurs but, I also got to take home some of the leftover bagels, TrueDough pizza dough and I won the raffle for a $40 gift card to The Wedge. Sadly, I think TrueDough isn’t in business anymore. They had the best pizza dough!!!!!!

That was back in October 2017 (wow that was so long ago!). Fast forward to now: foodie Shoshana is still learning about the food industry and supporting local female entrepreneurs.

Let me tell you about my first and most recent visit to Rise Bagel Co. The atmosphere at the cafe felt inviting and the staff were friendly and accommodating. They let my mom get one half of the lox bagel and the half she did a build your own. When you order your bagel sandwich you get to pick which type of bagel you want. I love that in a way you get to personalize your order.

Check out the full food menu below.

There are so many bagel options. There’s something for everyone. Especially my picky sister! They don’t have the prices on their website but I remember that they were priced right. You get the best bang for your buck because whatever you decide to order, you’ll leave feeling full and satisfied. Plus, their food tastes fresh.

Let me tell you what I got. On the left is the Roasted Turkey with a rosemary bagel and on the right is the Harvest with a whole wheat everything bagel. The Harvest had egg, kale, seasoned mushrooms, caramelized onions, and garlic cream cheese. The Roasted Turkey had cheddar, turkey, butter lettuce, roasted tomatoes, and scallion cream cheese. I really enjoyed the Harvest. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the kale. It just didn’t taste good. I would have preferred a different kind of green like the butter lettuce in the Roasted Turkey. Despite the not so good kale, I would order the Harvest again. I wasn’t crazy about the Roasted Turkey because of the turkey. It was a little dry. I probably wouldn’t order it again in fear that the turkey would be dry.

Me: You deserve a bagel!

You: You bread my mind 🙂


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