Esker Grove

On Thursday, I had lunch at new place with my neighbor called Esker Grove. I love finding and trying new places to eat at. Especially healthy ones! I love a good burger and fries. But, nothing compares to that feeling of eating something at a restaurant that makes you feel so good and nourished.

Below is the menu at Esker Grove. It’s small but I think there’s something for everyone.

I got the Mixed Grains bowl. The menu says it contains mushrooms, asparagus and a carrot ginger vinaigrette. As you can see in the picture above, it also contains chickpeas, quinoa, peppers, wheat berries, farro, barely, and wild rice. Lastly, I think it is topped with watercress greens. Wow that’s a lot! It was very flavorful. Except for when a beetle landed in my bowl and I had to scoop it out with my fork. Haha just kidding.

I just love the idea that the vinaigrette is on the side! I have never seen that before. It allowed me the option to pile food onto my fork and dip into the vinaigrette with each bite or choose the amount of vinaigrette I wanted to dump onto my salad. Also, the vinaigrette was on the thicker side. That was nice because it was a change from the vinaigrettes I put on my salads. I’ll have to try doing that in my next salad recipe.

First things first I NEED to check out the Walker. Hey friends who wants to volunteer to go with me? Second, I forsure need to eat here again. I’ll either drive or bike. If I drive I need to scope out the area for free parking. If I have to park and walk 5-10 minutes just to not have to pay for parking I’ll do it. The other option is biking. I looked on google maps and it says it will take 25 minutes to bike there from my apartment. Doable but is there a faster way? Hm, let me see. The answer is possibly. I can bike to the East Bank light rail station (5 minutes), ride on to Government Plaza Station (7-16 minutes), and lastly bike to Esker Grove (11 minutes). Will it be worth it? I will have to let you know when I attempt it.

Cherrio! Chex you later!



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