Blaze Pizza

I definitely love a classic margarita pizza. But, what I also love is filling my pizza with hella veggies. I’ll stick to Punch for my margaritas and Blaze for my pizza with ALLL the toppings.

It’s 5 o’clock and no one in my family has even thought about dinner. Pizza it is! Our lives don’t have to just include perfectly planned out meals. Or perfectly stocked fridges for making any meal. Everyday eating is suppose to flexible. Try planning a day or two a week of no planning for your meal. Be spontaneous and eat what you really want to eat!

So. Many. Amazing. Things. About. Blaze Pizza.


You’ll go through the line and choose all the toppings your heart desires. Don’t be shy. Then, the pizza goes into the oven for a few minutes. Before you know it your pizza is in your arms.


Quality ingredients you can read: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour), Flour Mix (Durum Semolina, Sugar, Salt, Spice), Yeast, Water.


The best way to cook a pizza, in my opinion. I have dreams of building a wood fired pizza oven in my backyard. However, step one is to make homemade whole wheat pizza dough. I can’t seem to find a nut free dough in the grocery stores, ugh.


There are endless topping choices. How will you ever chose which ones to get? You don’t. Get them all.


Did you know that there are 7 different finishes? Right when your pizza comes out of the oven you get to finish it off with balsamic glaze, bbq drizzle, buffalo sauce, pesto, arugula, olive oil or ranch. Pizza game changer and upgrade!


They burnt the bottom of one side on my mom’s pizza. Instead of giving us a burnt pizza they remade it. They let us keep both since the other side wasn’t burnt.

I ordered the “Build Your Own.” I chose the original dough with bbq sauce, mozzarella, feta, and parmesan. Here’s what I topped it with: mushrooms, pineapple, red pepper, olives, garlic, spinach, grilled chicken, basil, and oregano. I finished it with balsamic glaze. Flavor explosion? Maybe.

Don’t forget about pizza deals! I see so many coupons floating around on Facebook. If you don’t find one on FB try google. Look for the BOGO pizza deal. An excuse to get pizza with a friend? Count me in.

What kind of person doesn’t like pizza? A weirdough!


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