Pizza Lucé

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? My answer: pizza! I love pizza so much. My ongoing life goal and mission is to try the best pizza places. There are still so many places on my list I’ve gotta hit. My friends get sick of pizza, lol. I could never get sick of pizza.

A couple of weeks ago my dad had lunch at Pizza Lucé. In our family snapchat group (yes, we have one of those lol), my dad sent a picture of the menu saying “vegan pizza.” Since my mom is lactose intolerant she got very excited by this. She said, “Shoshana, want to go soon?!” Of course I wanted to! The opportunity to get pizza! How could I turn that down. Well, and also to spend time with someone I love, duh!

So based on my dad’s recommendation we decided to try it out. My mom ordered a build your own with veggies and a dairy free cheese. The options for dairy free cheese are either Daiya cheese or their homemade riNOTa made from cashews and tofu. I’m sure my mom would have tried the riNOTa if I wasn’t there, but, she didn’t because I’m very allergic to cashews.

It takes me a while to decide what I want to order. Most of the time I look at a restaurant’s menu before I go out to eat to narrow in on what I want. But, this time there were just so many great speciality pizza options! My mom was so on top of her order and I was just staring at my menu like ahhhhh feeling overwhelmed. The waitress mentioned that I can get a half and half pizza. I had no idea you could do that. That is genius. All pizza places need to start doing this. It makes someone like me who doesn’t want to pick just one thing very happy.

What I ordered: on the left, the Wrangler and the right, the Margarita. I thought I’d do one side with loads of flavor and the other side more mellow. I kind of regret that now, though. The Margarita was kind of basic and boring. I wish I would have tried something more flavorful for that side instead. But, who knows maybe my taste buds would have been overwhelmed with two different flavorful speciality pizzas on both halves.

The Wrangler was delicious. I highly recommend. It had a great combination of sweet and tangy barbecue sauce with mozzarella and cheddar cheese topped with chicken, banana peppers, mushrooms and onions. The Margarita was ok. I prefer my Margaritas with blobs of tomato sauce and mozzarella and loads of basil. You know what I mean? That classic Italian style. Ah, typing that made me excited. I’ll be abroad in Italy this spring. That means Italian pizza at my finger tips whenever I want. What a dream.

We ate at the Minneapolis location. I liked the location because its right in downtown Minneapolis and super close to the North Loop. The North Loop is great. But, parking in Minneapolis is awful and uber expensive. I saw online that the uptown location might have a parking lot? I may need to check that out soon, hehe.

Have a slice day!


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