Mill City Farmers Market

It was a very rainy morning. But, that did not stop my friend Taylor and me from having a fun Saturday morning. We’d never gone to the Mill City Farmers Market in the summer. (I’ve been to the indoor winter market). So, we were eager to check it out. Also, for weeks now I’ve passed by the market several times because I work literally right next door at Spoonriver.

Foodies gotta eat.

First things first, we grub. Black Cat Natural Foods had just the food I was in the mood for– breakfast food! Check out their bio here on the Mill City site.

There’s this thing I do whenever I get food out. I can never just commit to getting one thing and only eating that one thing. That’s just no fun. Thank gosh I have friends who like to go splitzy and share! I said, “Taylor, what are you in the mood for?” and she answered, “honestly, anything.” So then I asked, “how about we split the market scramble and pancakes?” She answered, “Sure!” The pancakes were $7 and the market scramble was $8.

Haha I’m laughing typing this — I first took a bite of the market scramble. I said “OMG” and made the mmm sound. Taylor laughed at me. So, impatiently waiting for her to react to her first bite I said, “Try it. This is so good” So she did. She mimicked my reaction, it was hilarious. The pancakes were pretty good too! Very fluffy.

Side note, as I was writing this blog post I got very distracted on the Mill City Farmer’s market website. Their site is so cool! I learned more reasons why to buy local here. Also, they have awesome recipes here. I came across the “Blended Mushroom Burger.” (you can find it here). The idea behind the recipe is to use mushrooms along side beef to cut back on sodium and cholesterol. I think that is an amazing idea!!!

Farmers markets have been a really fun thing for me to do this summer. I had so much fun at this market that I am planning on finding some more to go to this week and the weeks to come. Food excites me! Especially, fresh food.

So here’s what I got for produce. $3 for kale $3.50 for broccoli and $5 for SO MANY POTATOES. One of the things that I thought was missing from the market was the abundance of fruit. I only saw a handful of fruit. I wish there was more variety and fruit options that I liked. I was hoping for strawberries, blueberries and blackberries like there was at the huge market at Lyndale!

On our way out of the market out of the corner of my eye I saw a bakery vendor. Then, I looked a little bit closer and read their signs. The signs said “nut free.” I was like holy shit Taylor we need to stop and check this out. Nut free treats?! Did I read that right? There is only one other place I know I can get nut free desserts at: YoYo Donuts. So, in 0.3 seconds I knew I wanted to get a donut. I wasn’t too hungry so I had a few bites and saved the rest for later. It was so good my Mom and I going to check out their bakery very soon. Not only are their treats nut free, but some of them are also vegan, gluten, dairy, and soy free. My mom is dairy free so it’s perfect for us. I’ll keep you posted on what I try next πŸ™‚

Sending you a micro wave!


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