Northern Coffee Works

Today I met up with my dear friend, Hannah, for lunch. She had been on a gap year traveling around the world since September. It was so good to finally see her again after what felt like forever! I suggested we try out a new cafe in Minneapolis. We agreed on going to Northern Coffeeworks. It’s not too far from the light rail and it’s easy to get there. I believe they also have free 2 hour parking behind the cafe.

I have a list of cafes and restaurants on my phone. Over the past year I have collected restaurant ideas from other people. If someone posts a picture of their meal at a restaurant and it looks good I google the menu. If the menu is good I save the restaurant on my list. In addition to the menu items, I also consider the location. I’d say I’d drive a maximum of 17 minutes for food. Light rail, walking or biking would be ideal too. Because if I’ve got working legs I’m going to use them!

I ordered the Smoked Turkey Sandwich for $13 and Hannah ordered the Biscuit Sandwich for $10. The Smoked Turkey Sandwich had Ferndale turkey, Singing Hills Chèvre, rhubarb mostarda, and Twin Organics arugula on bread from Baker’s Field Flour & Bread. The Biscuit Sandwich had a fried egg, smoked bacon, aged cheddar, spicy maple, and charred herb mayo.

Yes, I paid $13 for my sandwich. I am glad that my money is going towards supporting local farmers.

  • The turkey. The farmers at Ferndale Market raise sustainable and free-range turkeys.
  • The chèvre. Singing Hills Dairy makes their cheeses from their pasture raised goats.
  • The arugula. It is sustainably grown at organic vegetable farm, Twin Organics farm, in healthy soil.
  • The bread. Baker’s Field Flour & Bread source their grains from local farmers and bake the fresh flour into naturally leavened bread.

5 Reasons to eat at farm-to-table restaurants:

  1. You know where your food is coming from.
  2. Crops are harvested at peak ripeness = peak nutritional value.
  3. Less transit time = less loss of nutritional value.
  4. Sustainable agriculture is better for the environment.
  5. It boosts the local economy.

We both decided not to order a drink. I wish I would have though. Well, we might just have to go back again soon to try something new off of their menu!

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