The Naughty Waffle

Want a waffle with ALLLL the fixings but don’t want to make it? I GOTCHU.

If you haven’t already — make sure to check out Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. One of the locations is in Como which is not too far off of campus. They’re waffles will leave you feeling just right — not too stuffed but perfectly satisfied. I have enjoyed the ‘S’mores’, ‘Naughty Waffle,’ Strawberry Cheesecake’, and ‘One Bad Pig’. You could say I like BCWB. Team waffles all the way! Yesterday, I decided to get my favorite – ‘The Naughty Waffle.’ My waffle had strawberries, bananas, blueberries, crunchy granola, almond butter and whipped cream. And of course I drizzled maple syrup… more sugar please!!


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